Bitwarden chrome extension not showing prompt to save credentials


I just installed bitwarden’s chrome extension on my brother’s laptop. But it does not show prompt to save password whenever he logs into a website. The vault is unlocked. I looked into settings and the two options related to this feature are set up correctly and there were no saved logins in his vault at that time (he added them manually later). Any idea why else it would not prompt to save the password?



I have the same issues. Not always but in some cases - especially when the login page is redirecting.


I’ve posted in another topic (about Firefox) as well, but here goes:

I’m having this same issue in Chrome a noticed all the existing topics (from 2017) as well. Something I’ve noticed in Chrome is that when I click the extension icon in the browser before submitting a login form, it does prompt me to save the credentials. It seems as if the extension goes into some kind of sleep mode and needs to ‘wake up’ first.