How do I Track Password History for Each Login Separately?

Please record the password history for each login separately and make it accessible in the login’s view panel. Right now, it seems that there is just a single history of generated passwords accessible from the generator.

I don’t see much point to this. First of all, I don’t care at all about the history of generated passwords. I often generate several until I find one that looks good to me (as arbitrary as that might be) when creating or updating a login.

The only history of passwords that should matter are the ones that I actually have used to successfully login to a site. And at any time, I am interested in just the passwords and associated timestamps for that one site only.

Each item already has a password history…


Wow, I completely missed that. Not easy to find or even to realize that clicking on the number of previous passwords brings up the history. For the benefit of others, I suggest improving that access a little. Anyway, good to know it’s there. Thanks!

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Yeah, I wish it was more noticeable too.

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It would perhaps be a good idea to do that. However, I imagine that those who object to a number representing the number of saved logins for the current page would be even more upset if the number of previous passwords was made larger :smiley:


It’s bright green so that’s pretty noticeable without being obtrusive.

Actually, it wasn’t noticeable at all to me until I switched the theme to dark mode. Before that, on the default theme, against the greyish background, in a small, non-bold font, it can be very difficult to see. Bottom line, this kind of thing shouldn’t be so sensitive to the theme you are using. There should be perhaps be an icon for it. Also, I would first naturally look for it next to the password field, as a special history icon, not way below in the status area.

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If I understand correctly the issue for you with seeing these is that the passwords that weren’t saved in an entry are of no importance and might as well not be displayed - is that correct?

For me being able to go back to the history of generated passwords has actually been great in cases where saving or updating the password in an entry failed (like Bitwarden chrome extension not showing prompt to save credentials). In these cases I can go to the “generated passwords” histroy to retrieve the password (which was saved to my user on the site, just not in my vault), copy it and then paste it when storing the log in in the bw vault manually.

It seems that @dangostylver helped you find what you needed, just wanted to note that the “all generated passwords history” does serve a very real use case. :slight_smile:

Sure, I can understand that. I don’t have that use case only because I use a clipboard manager, so I usually just copy the password from the generator and can get back to it again that way, if necessary.

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