Bitwarden rarely suggests saving a new login. Why?

I’m a new user and there is much I like about BitWarden, but I am finding that when I fill out a new login and password on a website, it does not provide me with an opportunity to save that login, so when I login, it’s gone and not saved. BitWarden support says that some website are built in a way that BitWarden does not recognize the input, but at the same time, I still have 1Password running and Keychain on the Mac and both of these pop up to ask me to save the login. So why do these work and not BitWarden? Even on BitWarden’s own website the login does not initiate a request to save from BitWarden. This seems to me to be a rather important feature of any password manager, so it mostly not working concerns me. Anyone else have this issue?


Handling website credential saving is different for many websites, but we are always looking to improve it.

If you’re having issues with particular sites, you can report them on this GitHub issue (there is a link to report the specific site on this issue as well)

To avoid this kind of issue at all start doing this process the other way round: Do not first enter or change the password and then have it (hopefully) added to Bitwarden. You can easily avoid any problem by 1st adding or changing the password within Bitwarden and then using that information to fill in the data on the registration- or change password-page. This will even work in case that the computer crashes, restarts or switches off, that the network fails or the webserver fails while trying to update their database, etc… It takes some time to get used to it but this definitely helps a lot.

I’m finding that most sites do not work with BitWarden, including I get that the workaround is to fill out any new logins in BitWarden and then apply it, but it is a little counterintuitive and odd to me that the other apps have no issue with doing this. What is BitWarden missing?


Ironically this happens on the Bitwarden community signup page as well. :joy:

I submitted it via the github post above but I agree. Lastpass was pretty good at this but I haven’t seen BW pick one up yet.