BitWarden never prompts to save new logins

I started using BitWarden over a month ago after years of using 1Password. I have yet to be prompted by BitWarden to save a new login/password when creating a new account on a website or changing a password on a website. I’m a very active user and in the past month have created and updated accounts on many different websites. I’ve never been prompted to save anything. This was never an issue for 1Password, I was always prompted for this.

Is this just standard behavior? I’ve read it’s supposed to prompt for this, but I’ve never seen it happen. It makes using a password manager sort of pointless since it’s up to me to remember to enter or update every login entry.

I am using Safari on a Mac, the extension is logged in, and the “Disable Add Login Notification” is unchecked in options

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I like doing the create a new login in Bitwarden first method

I never liked the fill out the webpage and hope the password manager picks up the change method. I guess LastPass screwed up so many times for me that I avoid doing it that way.


I am in the same boat as you. Did you get a solution for this?

Sadly, this issue was annoying enough that I ended up switching to LastPass. I’ll likely go back to 1Password eventually, but LastPass is working ok so far.

After a few months of using BitWarden I was never prompted even once to save a password. Not once. Every now and then I’d see it quickly at the top of a page before the page reloaded and it disappeared. I just can’t use a password manager where this doesn’t work. I liked BitWarden, but the way they are handing the prompt to save a password just doesn’t work. Using LastPass, I have been getting prompted most of the time so far (and it was never ever an issue with 1Password)