BitWarden never prompts to save new logins

I started using BitWarden over a month ago after years of using 1Password. I have yet to be prompted by BitWarden to save a new login/password when creating a new account on a website or changing a password on a website. I’m a very active user and in the past month have created and updated accounts on many different websites. I’ve never been prompted to save anything. This was never an issue for 1Password, I was always prompted for this.

Is this just standard behavior? I’ve read it’s supposed to prompt for this, but I’ve never seen it happen. It makes using a password manager sort of pointless since it’s up to me to remember to enter or update every login entry.

I am using Safari on a Mac, the extension is logged in, and the “Disable Add Login Notification” is unchecked in options

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I like doing the create a new login in Bitwarden first method

I never liked the fill out the webpage and hope the password manager picks up the change method. I guess LastPass screwed up so many times for me that I avoid doing it that way.


I am in the same boat as you. Did you get a solution for this?

Sadly, this issue was annoying enough that I ended up switching to LastPass. I’ll likely go back to 1Password eventually, but LastPass is working ok so far.

After a few months of using BitWarden I was never prompted even once to save a password. Not once. Every now and then I’d see it quickly at the top of a page before the page reloaded and it disappeared. I just can’t use a password manager where this doesn’t work. I liked BitWarden, but the way they are handing the prompt to save a password just doesn’t work. Using LastPass, I have been getting prompted most of the time so far (and it was never ever an issue with 1Password)


Fixed. I had “Options” > “Enable Auto-fill on Page Load” enabled. I disabled it and now I’m prompted to save passwords after I have logged in to new websites.

Ah OK, interesting. I’ve got auto-fill enabled (I was used to it from LastPass and really like it), but only occasionally get the banner. For example when signing up to this very forum I didn’t get a prompt to save a login so had to manually create it. Not quite sure why I still see the prompt sometimes though. Consistency in showing that and in auto-fill working on a wider variety of sites would be amazing :slight_smile:

Not working even in 2021.
unreliable software, that’s the only thing that we need to work properly, besides the in-form suggestion popup which simply doesnt exist.

I’m leaving

Bye, bye!

In case that you did not leave. Follow this procedure and you will never loose a password:
Before registering or logging into a web site that till now has not made it into Bitwarden or before changing the password enter the data into Bitwarden. Then use Bitwarden to fill in the data into the website. This way - no matter what happens during the process (timeout of the website, Bitwarden did not recognize the password-action, your computer crashes, etc.) - your password is safely stored in Bitwarden.


I don’t understand why more people don’t do it this way?

Sure, LastPass got it right 80% of the time but doing the Bitwarden-way works 100% of the time. And you don’t run the risk of creating duplicate accounts which I’m finding when helping people move from LastPass to Bitwarden.

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That way does work as a workaround - but it’s still a workaround. I’d just love to see BitWarden improve so you don’t need to do this workaround.
LastPass worked 80% of the time for capturing new logins, which was 80% more than when BW works for capturing new logins (from my experience). 1Password likely worked 100% of the time for capturing new logins after many years using it.
Not trying to knock BW, I’d just love to see this change and improvements in the extension. One of the whole benefits of using a PW manager is that you don’t have to think about it and it just keeps track of it all for you.

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Can you call it a “workaround” if this is how Bitwarden design it? The original intro video said to do it this way.

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If that’s how they designed it, it’s not a workaround - just a poor design that pushes a problem (the extensions inability to capture a new login) to the user.
It’s not an impossible nut to crack. Other password managers have figured out how to have the extension capture new logins. Again, I’m not here saying this to knock on BW. I think it’s great, this is just one of the areas that needs improving.


Sounds like a good solution to the problem to me, pure reverse engineering.
The problem is that it doesn’t fix the fact that Bitwarden is not able to handle the password itself once it has been entered in the corresponding field.
Instead of admitting the error, you do the psychological trick of diverting attention away from the question to a patched solution.
You may say safari 14 web components, blah blah, but Last Pass does it almost perfectly, so it is possible.

I have to admit that last pass user interface is horrible and unintuitive and in that aspect Bitwarden is way ahead. But on a technical level, you’re below, still…

Thanks anyway.

Totally agree.
Come on guys, you can do it!


You can. ;). If every time X is presented the answer is DON’T DO THAT… go in the back, in that cardboard box, get out the Y and wiggle it around the back… OK, now do Z. NEVER EVER DO X… dummy. :wink:

Yeah, that’s a workaround.

(If you wanted to mainline it then you would pop-up a BW-specific “make a new account and pw” in those situations.)

The new extension for BitWarden 1.49 finally handles this correctly! Since updating I finally seem to be getting the prompts to save passwords consistently (every time so far). This is on websites that it previously didn’t work on.

Great job Bitwarden team - big thanks.

Sadly its not working

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I’ve only tested in Safari, it’s been working pretty great so far. I’ve been consistently prompted on every website I’ve tried making a new login on, granted that’s only been a few in the couple of days since it’s come out, but I used to never get the prompt before on these same websites even.

Are you on Apple ecosystem or Windows/Linux?

Apple, I am currently testing on a Mac using Safari.