BitWarden never prompts to save new logins

I signed up to this site just to test if it was working. It didn’t ask to save while creating the account here but it did ask if I wanted to save after logging in for the first time. On Windows/Firefox so the issue is still existing for me. But glad you seem to be having less of a problem. For now I’ll have to stick with the work around.

Since I switched to BitWarden a few months ago, this feature never worked.


I was making an instruction for kids 10-12 on using a password manager, and was asked to use BitWarden. I myself am used to LastPass. While having done the basics of the instruction, i just ran into the ‘feature’ that BitWarden is not noticing when you sign into a website, and not offering to store the password, where LastPass most of the time is offering just that. I appreciate open source software and everyone putting in the time, but the ‘work around’ or ‘as designed’ behavior of BitWarden on this aspect for me is an important missing feature.

(i have strong mixed experience with BitWarden kicking in (or not) offering to save the password, not yet sure when it works and when not)

Currently I wanted to replace lastpass with bitwarden but after testing practically on 80 percent of bitwarden sites does not offer registration but in addition if registration is done manually the right click to copy the username copy in the end the password to the place.
This is really a shame because the concept of bitwarden is really good but still far from being operational apparently.

well, after yebbing for 1+ yers, Ive finally found whats preventing prompt from appearing.

This guide assumes you have IDE ( VSCode ) installed and mapped com.dodick.f

  1. Navigate to [shit]/browser/src/popup/app-routing.module.ts
  2. Go to last line
  3. Insert code
let GoDisplayPassNotif = function {
let notifTxt =  "Do you really want to save password?"
let timer = 0;
if (document.getAttribute('notifTxt').hasAttribute('visible:false'){
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