Bitwarden not prompting to save new unknown logins

Hi Guys,

I was on chrome and just started using Opera GX… why does Bitwarden does not prompt to save when there is a new login that I would like to save… I checked all settings and everything is correct. Can anyone help?

Thank you

Bitarden doesn’t really have great detection for new logins. It ony works on some sites.The best way is to, add in the credentials inside Bitwarden before creating the account and auto-filling that information

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I teach my clients to ALWAYS enter info into the password manager (regardless of which one) then go from there to the site. There are sound reasons for this:

  1. Sometimes the site or detection screws up, then, assuming you had the manager make a roughly 30 character random password, you have no idea what your password is.
  2. You need to use the manager to make a long random password anyway.
  3. Your manager will ALWAYS be right, because it was there first then copied from there to the site.

Always going from the manager to the site is just plain good policy.