Why Didn't Bitwarden Offer to Save Password?

Just started with Bitwarden today (escaped Lastpass). I’m using it on an iMac with the Brave browser.

I created an account for this forum (Bitwarden Community Forums), and had BW generate a password.

However, BW didn’t offer to save the password and login information. I had to add it manually.

Why didn’t it offer to do that? Thanks.

In my experience, just like with LastPass, it’s a bit hit or miss at catching passwords during submissions, espeically if sites do some fancy PWA or similar.
I always proactively create login in BW first before creating account on the relevant website just to make sure it doesn’t get missed.

Bitwarden works well for me. I’m using Brave too (on samsung devices)

Yes, that happens a lot :slight_smile:
Just make sure your prepared with a copy of the important details until they have been saved in BW.
It really is quite common for BW to fail to capture a new account. Rare for LP to so there’s definitely something missing from BW in this area but still, I much prefer BW over LP due to better security.

Same with password changes.

Yes, I figured it would be about the same as with LP, but this is Bitwarden’s web site! I’d have thought that they would make sure it always works here.

Personally, I recommend disabling the “Save New Logins” option.

Instead, whenever you want to register for a new account on some website, use the following procedure:

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Y (or click the Bitwarden icon :shield:) to open the browser extension.
  2. Click :heavy_plus_sign: (or “Add new login” link) to create a partially pre-filled login item.
  3. Enter desired username (or use options for generating a username).
  4. Click :arrows_counterclockwise: icon in password field to access Password Generator.
  5. Click “Select” in the upper right corner.
  6. Click “Save” in the upper right corner.
  7. Click the name of the newly created vault item (now displayed at the top of the browser extension’s “Tab” view), which transfers the login credentials into the website’s account registration form
  8. Submit the account registration form.

This is more robust and more secure than using the function for capturing information submitted in a web form.

Good idea—I’ll do it that way. Thanks.

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