Logon autofill

I am brand new to BitWarden.

I have imported my vault from LastPass and have been going through the entries cleaning them up.

I expected to be able to click the Launch button to have it open a new tab with the username and password entered from the vault entry, or if I visit an URL that is in the vault it would look them up and fill in the logon for me (as long as I am logged in to BitWarden).

Am I missing something I need to set thes up?

What I need to do now is open the vault entry and copy and paste the logon into the website manually, which is very clumsy and prone to getting lost.

I am on Windows 10 running CryptoTab Browser (a modified version of Chrome)

Hello @oldbuddy - welcome to the community forums.

There are some really good instructions on the Bitwarden help pages regarding how to auto-fill your credentials on websites using the Bitwarden browser extension here:

There is also a good video to watch about setting up the browser extension that you can view here (and there may be other videos on this page that interest you as well):

One more tip - Bitwarden is very strict about security compared to other password managers, so auto-fill may not be enabled by default when you install the browser extension. To enable it, make sure you go into the BW browser extension and view Settings → Options and enable auto-fill. You can also set the default behaviour for any new entries in the vault to auto-fill by default or not auto-fill, depending on your preference.

I hope that helps. Cheers!