Direct login to a Website

is there a possibility to login direkt from the password manager to the website. Autofill the user and the password?

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Bitwarden does have an auto-fill capability. Their instructions can be found here.

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To auto-fill on a computer, you will need to install one of the Bitwarden browser extensions.

Bitwarden offers 6 different ways to auto-fill using the browser extension:

  • Using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L).
  • Opening the browser extension window and clicking on one of the displayed accounts (matching the website in the browser)
  • Using a right-click context menu: Bitwarden > Auto-fill login.
  • Opening any vault item (when browsing or searching the vault contents) and clicking the Auto-fill button.
  • Enabling automatic auto-filling (“Auto-fill on page load”). This is an optional feature, which is disabled by default.
  • Using auto-fill dropdown menus that are displayed when clicking on a username or password input field (or by clicking the Bitwarden icon that is overlaid on such input fields). This is an optional feature, but it is enabled by default.

Personally, I recommend using the keyboard shortcut (and disabling the menus shown on the form fields). The keyboard shortcut is simple to use, works very well, and does not interfere with the functioning of any websites.

@guenter, to answer the first part of your question which may have been assumed, yes you can launch a website from Bitwarden using the launch button next to the URI. Automatic or manual Autofill options are then available as usual. I prefer keyboard fill (@grb’s first bullet point). Not only is it quick in itself but where you have more than one login to the same site then multiple presses will quickly rotate through them.

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Thanks for your answers. Help me a lot

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