Auto-fill login details when clicking [launch] on entry in Chrome extension

I am a new user to Bitwarden and I think it’s simply excellent. It gives me a much better UI/UX experience compared to 1Password, which I used before.

Love the BW Chrome extension. After a few weeks of usage I noticed that I start to use it as a website launcher. The Chrome extension has a very handy [launch] button on every BW entry (if it has an URL filled in, logically).

Wherever I am on the web, I can goto any site so very easily by:

  1. You click on the BW Chrome extension,
  2. You type in the first letters (in the always active vault-search field) of the site you want to login to,
  3. You click the [launch] button on the found entry…


Almost. Since the login details are not filled in automatically, you have to click again (4) on the BW Chrome extension and click again (5) on the website-entry that is presented there. That does not make too much sense.

5 steps that could be reduced to 3, if BW would auto-fill in those login fields for us.

The only reason for me to use BW Chrome extension as a website launcher, is because I want to go to these websites to log in to them. So it would be logical that BW would then auto-fill in those login details promptly.

(PS: Yes, one could use [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[L] to paste in those login details, making it 4 steps instead of 5. But that’s still 3 keys to press, whereas an auto fill would make these hotkeys not needed anymore in those occasions when launching a website)

Thanks for considering,

Hi! Welcome to the community!

There is an option to ‘auto fill on page load’ that may help here. It’s disabled by default because auto fill is a sensitive topic sometimes :sweat_smile:

Aha! That’s what you get being a new user… :sweat_smile:

Can you explain why auto-fill is a sensitive topic? What are the cons of having this setting on?

Auto fill is a very divisive topic in some regards, with users who are very for/against it. I’ll leave it to anyone who has an opinion to post here :slight_smile: