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I have been unable to log in to my Bitwarden account through my main internet for the past 5/6 daysm and sitll now. When I attempt to log in, it displays an error message: ‘An error has occurred. Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. [Error Code 7].’ I’m curious about why this is happening. Interestingly, when I connect via VPN, I can log in without any issues. Is it safe to continue logging in through VPN? Additionally, do you have any suggestions for resolving the login issue?

Is it safe to continue logging in through VPN?

Generally yes, if you trust your VPN provider.

Additionally, do you have any suggestions for resolving the login issue?

Your “main internet” is the network with unusual looking traffic. You can contact the network administrators of your “main internet” and identify this issue. It would be up to them to fix it. The problem exists between your “main internet” and Bitwarden’s network. The Bitwarden network admins may be able to make an adjustment, but they would need more specifics such as: What is your “main internet”?

Beyond that, using a VPN all the time is okay. I do it because I do not trust my two primary internet providers to not snoop on my traffic. And, I frequently travel and then must use even less trustworthy connections.

@vinnav This problem may occur because other users of your ISP are engaged in malicious activity. If you’re ISP is not vigilant about blocking this type of activity on their network, you may wish to consider switching to a more reputable ISP.

There is a Help Article that describes various steps that you can take to resolve the “unusual traffic” error:


In particular, please note the advice at the end of the article, that if simple adjustments don’t resolve the issue, you can provide some information to tech support, who may in some case be able to white-list your IP.

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My main internet i mean my isp my home network
Will there be any issues if I repeatedly log in to my account while connecting to a VPN? Since logging in through a VPN results in frequent changes to my IP address, there is a possibility of encountering problems with my account.?

Yes, if the VPN users sharing your VPN IP is behaving maliciously regarding BW. For people using VPN encountering this problem, the first advice they usually get is to not use the VPN.

Another possible solution not mentioned in the BW help article is to make sure your devices are using IPv6 addresses. Once I did this, I have never encountered this problem (except for the CLI which only supports IPv4). You can use https://test-ipv6.com/ to check your IPv6 readiness.


@Neuron5569 What you state is true concerning VPN shared IP, but the OP has the opposite problem. Their VPN is allowing them to login to BW so the issue of malicious users sharing an IP are on the OP’s ISP.

@grb You nailed it. Changing ISPs may not be an option. I only have one stationary option Comcast, my other is my mobile and limited, unsuitable for my household use.

@vinnav There should not be issues logging into your account from different IP addresses. Some of us use BW from all over and have different IP addresses all the time. Also as pointed out IPV6 should pretty much eliminate the issue because of the plentitude of IPV6 addresses and lower chance of being associated with bad traffic. I also prefer IPV6 whenever possible.


Assuming your ISP is IPv6-ready (mine is not, unfortunately), how do you actually make the switch?

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my isp give me ipv4


Mine is a bit embarrassing to tell. My ISP’s router was IPv6 enabled already, but I was behind another bought router that wasn’t configured for IPv6, so it was possible to remedy this. Before the remedy, I was just rebooting the ISP router repeatedly to get a different IP.

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