Creating account network error

Today I downloaded Bitwarden for Chrome and immediately a problem appeared during the registration and creation of my account.
After I create a new account to access my secure vault, after the whole procedure (e-mail, master password, etc.), when I want to log in to my secure vault, I click on “Log in with master password”, it appears error message:
“An error occurred.
Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. (Error Code 7)”
I have normal home internet from my internet provider, router, I have two TVs, two mobile phones and two laptops (occasionally) connected. I don’t know what is unusual about it. And I don’t have another network to connect to.
Can somebody help me please?

Hey there, check out the following steps: Unusual Internet Traffic | Bitwarden Help Center

Also, if none of what BW says works for you consistently, consider enabling IPv6 on your home network. Check to see if you device connects using IPv6 OK at . And see if this solves the problem in the long run.