Failure of bitwarden logging out on all devices and no login possible

Good evening, I have a problem using Bitwarden using the UPC Polska Internet. Before, I used Bitwarden without any problems, even this morning there were no problems. Only now around 9 p.m. a problem appeared:
-all my devices are logged out of bitwarden as soon as I connect to the UPC internet
-On the Internet of another operator (T-Mobile Polska) works OK
-the problem concerns all devices from the bitwarden website, through extensions in the browser on the computer, the problem also occurs in the application for Windows 11 and in smartphones with android and iphone. My whole family is affected (several different bitwrden accounts, each with a different email and password)

  • when trying to log into the internet UPC pops up a message in bitwarden: An error has occurred. "Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. [Error Code 7]. Internet UPC works fine, other sites have no problem. After my tests, it turns out that the blockade is related to my IP address. UPC Internet Router has 2 connection options - bridge mode or router mode. Changing the operating mode means changing the public IP address. So far I have used the bridge mode (I have other private equipment, but in this situation my internet configuration does not really matter). All I had to do was change my IP address and everything works OK, I can log in on all my accounts. Just like I use the internet of another operator. Unfortunately, in this mode I have double NAT and therefore I have a problem with remote work. - so I can’t leave the router this way, I have to put it back into bridge mode. Unfortunately, this is when bitwarden stops working (the public IP address changes to the old one).

Is it possible to check if my IP address has been blocked, or if there is any failure? I also submitted a request for technical support to bitwarden. (I gave the IP address there, among others) Sorry for my english i use google translator

Hey @qFKesZC77KY83rJHoJs if you are still experiencing this issue, can you confirm if you submitted a ticket here: Get in Touch | Bitwarden

I confirm, I sent a ticket there

If this is of any importance, I have a bitwarden account registered on a different email than the forum

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Thanks for the info, when you submit a ticket, you can use the same email used for your Bitwarden account.

I got a reply from your support and Bitwarden started working properly !!! :slight_smile:

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What was the solution ? Did you get white-listed ?

Yes, here is some response from Bitwarden support: “Our network engineers were able to clear the restricted access from that IP Address”

I have exactly the same problem, I sent a ticket 30 min ago

Hey @pfSecure not sure if you got an answer back or not, but did you try changing networks or VPN connections to check for any issues there?

HI, it is working now. Got an answer on my ticket from support.
I don’t know what they did, but all is okay now :slightly_smiling_face:


I am having the same issues. It was working for 3 years but started giving problems this morning. Should I just create a ticket?

@Dries Welcome to the forum!

Please refer to the troubleshooting steps in the following Help Center article:

As noted at the end of the article, if none of the suggestions work, please contact support and provide the required information (as explained in the article). They will usually be able to resolve the problem fairly quickly.