'Traffic from your network looks unusual [Error code 6]'

Bitwarden Web is not letting my users connect from their Windows desktops at our office. They get their password entered and are informed ‘Traffic from your network looks unusual. Connect to a different network or try again later. [Error Code 6]’. This does not happen when they log in via the extension and it does not happen to logins from mobile devices. Logins to Bitwarden Web from home do not get this issue either.

We have not changed our ISPs. We have not changed our addressing scheme. Our internal antivirus software has been updated in the last several days and has included a few changes to machine-level firewalls but our hardware firewall for the network has not changed.

See here:

I appreciate that, but I already checked out that link before making this post. There is no VPN, there is no Tor, this is coming from a static IP address, the router cannot be rebooted because it is the router for a corporate facility and we have a static IP assigned to us by our ISP anyway, our browsers are up to date, we got error code 6 even when installing Firefox for the first time, and - this is the part that bugs me - we can log into the bitwarden plugin/extension JUST FINE. Chrome fails, Chrome plugin works. Edge fails, Edge plugin works. Firefox, first-time install, fails. We add the Bitwarden extension to Firefox, the Bitwarden extension works.

Did you see the last paragraph on that webpage?

Yep, I did. We actually had a ticket open- I sent one in just before making this post. I put the post up here because I’ve been burned by one too many organizations whose idea of tech support is ‘Thank you for opening a ticket with us. Have you asked the community? We really don’t have enough people working the support desk, so maybe you should ask your fellow users while we try to get someone to look at your problem. We’ll answer you tomorrow.’

As it happens, the Bitwarden tech asked for my information, gave me some generic info, got my information, did something unspecified, and said ‘it should be fixed now, please try it’. I and the other affected users at my org were able to log in via Web interface after that, but still don’t know what happened or why.

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Thanks for the update confirming that Customer Support has now resolved your “Unusual Traffic” issue, as per the guidance provided in the linked Help Article. In my experience, Bitwarden support is generally of a higher quality than what you have experienced from “many organizations”.

What happened was most likely that someone sharing your IP block was generating malicious traffic, so Cloudflare defenses shut down all requests from that IP block. Bitwarden support would have fixed such an issue by whitelisting your specific IP address.

The Community Forum can assist with a wide variety of issues, but something that requires configuration changes on the back end is obviously an issue that can only be resolved by directly engaging with the official support channels.

@SkilledAlpaca Welcome to the forum!

I have never seen an instance of the “Unusual Traffic” error than cannot be resolved by following the steps outlined in the Help Article.

Also, two of the three links you posted have nothing to do with the “Unusual Traffic” error.

Bitwarden has hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of users, and many of them will experience issues from time to time — often at the same time. However, it doesn’t make sense to lump users’ problems together unless you are talking about users who are actually affected by the same issue.

I don’t think anybody has said or implied that the “Unusual Traffic” errors (or the two unrelated issues that you linked) were the users’ fault.

Been using this product for about 2 years now. On the edge of convincing my compony to move into the enterprise product. However this is the last straw in my efforts to excuse and or justify this product. The “unusual traffic” error that is impossible to overcome continues to happen. From work, From VPN, From Home, From a Starbucks…Its not relevant where the attempt is done, this product clearly does not care to fix a bug that is affecting everyone. for years even…

At this point we will be moving to LastPass the only product that has the same type of product. Even with the compromise’s LastPass has endured, it works when i attempt to log in. This product has been a black box and unable to log in for months with no responds form support.

Good bye to you Bit-Forgotten.

@Jonathan_Prough Welcome to the forum (and goodbye?)!

Very uncharacteristic that no response would be received after contacting support. Tagging @bw-admin here in case they’d want to look into what may have happened.

To be clear, unless you’re always connecting from an ISP or VPN service that also has malicious actors among its customers, then the “unusual traffic” error can be fixed by having support whitelist your IP address.