Launch bitwarden when browser launched on linux

Is there a way to open bitwarden when the browser is opened?

If you want to use Bitwarden with your browser, your best option is to use the Bitwarden browser extension. Or did you have some specific use-case in mind that requires the Bitwarden desktop app instead?

Well, it’s kind of complicated. I had chrome + bitwarden extension on my wifes computer. She could never remember her master password. So, I switched her to Firefox and and it’s master password – and it asks her for it when she launches the FF browser. I am rethinking this whole thing and see if there is something that would force the bitwarden paster password prompt when the browser is launched.

Out of the box, I don’t think there is anyway to trigger the launch of Bitwarden when you launch your browser. Sorry.

If you use the [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L keyboard shortcut while the extension is locked, it will prompt you for your master password. Use that at the beginning of a session.