Open login dialog when browser starts

Feature name

Open login dialog when browser starts

Feature function

  • This will open a dialog box to prompt for master password.
  • User don’t have to click for password that unlocks bitwarden . That will saves couple of click. Bitwarden will automatically prompt for password when browser is opened.
  • Login_dialog

Related topics + references

I want to show that lastpass had an option just like this . when browser restarts it prompt for vault password first…

Putting my full support for this feature. So many times I go to a site and wonder why Bitwarden doesn’t autofill then remember I haven’t logged into Bitwarden.

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click on bitwared icone then settings then options click enable auto-fill on page fill

About half of my sites login automatically, for the others I have to right-click,
“Bitwarden>Auto-Fill>[site URL]” I had that on my previous PW manager, and was told it depends on how the login page is programmed. Is that true of BW?

+1 for me
Alternatively, the password prompt could also appear only when the autofill would recognize an input field or an account registration would be recognized. If I create a new account somewhere and forget to log in to bitwarden beforehand, the autosave password is not triggered. This function would solve the problem.

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New feature (stolen from LP)-
Display the BW login pop-up when I launch the browser (Safari).

Perhaps this can be adjusted to Safari:

Hey all!

While the team is looking into this, one quick solution is to set the browser start page to the extension. Go into the browser settings and set the on-open or homepage link to the below.

[Copied from another thread]

Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi



Firefox, Tor browser:

You can change that end string there to get to different pages too:

Login screen:
Lock screen

Either should work/re-route depending on your vault state.

(the above are all set to be the lock page)

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