Change launch browser

I am new to bitwarden.

I am using the bitwarden app on windows 10.
The windows default browser is Chrome.
Can I change browsers for launch of a website in the bitwarden app?

If I hit the launch button in the app I get Chrome. I want to launch certain logins in Firefox and others in Chrome. I have been doing a copy from the bitwarden app and pasting into Firefox. I want to do everything from the bitwarden app and not use browser extensions.

The BW app is going to launch whatever you have set as the default browser in Windows. What you are asking for would be a nice feature. I think it has already been suggested.

Why do you not want to use the browser extensions? The Firefox extension works very well and it is more convenient than using the BW app. I actually have both installed and use the app primarily for editing logins.

If this is unavailable at present and has been requested then my search can stop. Thanks for pointing that out.

I am new to bitwarden. Until I feel more comfortable with BW and their browser extensions I will continue to use the app/program to supply passwords as needed. My previous method was to use a LINUX encrypted partition to store my passwords. (Then cut and paste as needed.) If I can get this to work in a similar fashion great (and that is what I am doing.) I suppose old dogs new tricks comes in to play here.

Copy password in BW gives me the same functionality. It just occurs to me since I also have the URL in BW why not launch the browser from there. Here I run into the default app in Windows.

Thanks for your help.

Can you tell me if there is a way to mark an BW forum item as closed?