Execute extension when Chrome launched

I am trying to setup bitwarden for a senior citizen. Looking for a way to have the bitwarden extension fire up when chrome is launched.

I assume this is about Windows. Here is my recommendation:

  • Get a fingerprint sensor.
  • Activate Windows Hello for the Windows account
  • Install the desktop version of Bitwarden.
  • Go to File → Settings and activate:
    • Unlock with PIN (for phone support in case the sensor has an issue)
    • Unlock with Windows Hello
    • Start To Tray Icon
    • Start automatically to login
  • Follow the steps mentioned here


So when the computer starts the user will have to follow these steps:

  • Use fingerprint sensor to log into Windows
  • Use fingerprint sensor to unlock the (hidden minimized) Bitwarden desktop app
  • Start Google Chrome (can be automated)
  • Click onto the Bitwarden extension image
  • Click Unlock with Biometrics (there unfortunately is no option to use this automatically on browser start or after clicking the icon)
  • Use fingerprint sensor to unlock the Bitwarden extension

The bold lines show processes that will be initiated automatically.

P.S.: Never underestimate a senior citizen. For details take a look here.

Ah, well this happens to be ubuntu linux :slight_smile:
What I am striving for is to behave like Firefox with a master password.

I am so sorry to hear that … :wink:
Truth is: This does not belong to my reality/life/world.

I haven’t actually try this in Linux, but what happens when you launch the browser? The extension should be available, but not login. They would have to click on the icon to login. If they can’t do that, set it to vault timeout never. This decreases security, and should not be used on a public machine, but if they login, the browser is behind a login wall any way.

It would just be nice if when chrome is launched a window would open up requesting the master password.

The only thing that I can think about, it’s an Autohotkey script that:
-Launch Chrome
-Wait until Chrome is fully loaded
-find and click on the BW button.

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