Keep the current item open inside the bitwarden extension window

It would be nice if the bitwarden window would keep the currently selected vault item or search text. When I try to copy multiple strings from a specific vault item I need to do the following each time:

  • open the window
  • search for the item
  • copy the next piece of text

Otherwise the app is perfect.

I assume that this is about a browser extension.
If correct, try this and click here before you start:


Hi @kudorgyozo, welcome to Community! :wave:

In addition to the pop out, depending on your browser, you can also use the sidebar functionality (ex. Firefox, Opera) to create a more persistent experience.

Here is a related Feature Request:

For your use-case, you could also consider using the Desktop app for the type of work that requires you to manually copy multiple pieces of information from one vault item.

Thanks, clicking the “Pop out to new window” button is the closest I could find, together with a program called DeskPins that automatically keeps the window on top.

I used DeskPins on Windows years ago and really missed that function on Chromebooks. But thankfully for those on Chrome OS you can now pin a window by going to chrome://flags and enabling “CrOS Labs: Float current active window”. I’ve been using this for months and it works great.

I love this request and strongly agree with it. It can be very time consuming for sites where the password box is gated behind having entered a username (T Mobile as an example). The pop-out is tough, because the button to open it is not available from within an entry, and also because once you pop it out, it forgets what site you’re on, so you have to search for the website you’re on.

Definitely my main frustration with this excellent app.

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