Chrome extension: Ability to make `View Item` display-card persistent

Some websites require multiple fields to be copied and pasted.

So you would search chrome extension for the item card you want and click “View Item” to display it.
you can copy one field, but as soon as you click the website you want to paste it, the “View Item” card would close. This is annoying as you need to search for the item again and again when you have multiple fields to copy-paste.

Enpass has a little anchor button that would make the card persistent and always on top until you close it or it times out.

Try this:



This gets you half-way there. Although it opens the extension in its own window, it does not force that window to stay on top. I’d love to see the ‘Anchor’ feature added in the extensions for all browsers.

I will pass on, however, something that was pointed out to me. You can open the Bitwarden extension in the sidebar of the Firefox browser. This is the closest thing to what fwiz has requested.