Ability to copy cardholder and expiry date

We can copy and paste card number and card security pin but NOT card expiry date from the browser extension


Please can this be implemented as below (the box with 31 was added by me)



I was looking for a good first issue to tackle and this seems like something that is up my alley.

I can imagine this decision was made due to the fact that Credit Card number and CVC fields both are quite consistent in the fact you can copy and paste to them. Date fields are often a little tricker in my mind. Currently you can see the expiration date by pressing on the left-most view button and then fill in the expiration date by hand.

What do other people think of this, is a copy paste button for the expiration date also desirable? Or is the quick view button already sufficient?


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Please add a “copy-to-buffer” button to the owner field, similar to the credit card number field. It’ll make copypasting credit card info much easier

I’m sorry, it will be a lazy feature request but a simple one.

Card autofill sometimes doesn’t work, especially when I use it from mobile app and pasting it into another app. For that copying the “Cardholder name” would be a great feature. Also copying the year and month could be an additional one.

My current workaround is adding a custom field which also stores the cardholder name.


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Yes, please. Copy/paste is something I would use frequently.