Pop out an item to a new window

Feature name

  • Button to pop out an item to a new window

Feature function

Now when we need to copy-paste a login and password from the Bitwarden browser extension to some target, it’s a tricky, because when Bitwarden window loses focus - it closes with loss of currently opened item. So after copying the login to clipboard and pasting it to some place, to copy password to clipboard we need search and open this password record again from scratch, that’s annoying.

Seems webextensions can’t keep their windows opened when it loses focus, so the good workaround could be adding a button “Pop out an item to a new window” that will open current item in new window, that will not disappear on focus lose.

We already have such button in main scene of Bitwarden web extension, so need the same on item scene, also glad to see it in lists of items too.

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