iOS autofill doesn't sync


I have an issue with the autofill panel on IOS.

My vault sync work on IOS (I can see my new items adding from my computer in the Bitwarden app on the phone), but when I use autofill in another app, the same item (the one visible in the app direcly) is not in the list.

I have to uninstall / install the Bitwarden app to access the item from the autofill panel.
Isn’t it the same vault for the Bitwarden app and the autofill function ?

I saw someone with the same issue in another thread (iOS problem: syncing iOS app broken after latest update), but the original issue is not the same. The OP of the other thread had trouble syncing his vault between computer and other device.
In my case the vault seems to sync well, but this is the autofill panel whom not use the updated vault.

Very anoying needing to copy / past manually from the Bitwarden app when you have an autofill function…

Hello, I was having the same issue on iOS 13. Now on iOS 14 how can I check whether I clicked yes for the app sending me notifications in order to sync? I think this must be the issue.


Settings - Notifications - Bitwarden
Should be enabled. :wink: