iOS does not show account/password

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for helping me out, for I am puzzeled regarding the following…

So I added an account via the Firfox plugin today on my laptop for a website that also has an App (Reddit).

When I tried to fill the username and password when launching the app later, via the the standard iOS ‘autofill’ method, it did not show the Reddit account (and another account I created on the laptop), it did show all other accounts that are in my vault.

I checked by launching the Bitwarden App, and it does contain the Reddit account in the vault (as the other one I created), I just cant seem to get it to appear in the autofill, forcing me to swap between the Reddit App and Bitwarden App copying the credentials.

Does anybody know why this is happening and what I can do about it. Right now it looks like I cant add accounts via the Firefox plugin if I want a seamless experience between devices.


There was an issue with autofill on the 2.4.2 update, but we’ve patched it on 2.4.3 which is live in the app stores now :+1:


That fixed it, cheers!!

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Hello everyone
It seems this issue is back with the 2.5 version.
Bitwarden ios app got the changes (forced synchronisation) made on my android phone, but the ios autofill engine is still stuck with an old cache. Tried to disable/enable the autofill options in ipad settings but still not using updated vault in autofill.

By the way I’m extremely happy to have found your software, was able to get osx safari,firefox and chrome passwords all together once and for all.

Thanks again