iOS Autofill not syncing with app - Safari Data History?

So the title suggests the same as other people have posted in the past.

It seems like the actual Bitwarden App is updating itself with the vault no issues, but once you try and autofill within an app, it’s still using the old data.

Someone on Github pointed out clearing the Safari History, and Data made it work for them, this has worked for me too.

At the risk of sounding like a fool, if clearing the Safari History and Data is solving this autofill issue, does this not mean that Safari in actual fact has this password cached in its data, instead of pulling from Bitwarden?

If this is the case, doesn’t this mean that the password data is actually stored and potentially exposed within Safari and no Bitwarden?

I notice you need to login to Bitwarden to get it to autofill, but it’s not pulling from the vault, but rather what seems like a Safari cache?

I could be completely wrong and was wondering if anyone had a better idea?


Just to mention that I think I had the same problem you faced on iOS:

  1. Create some credentials in bitwarden;
  2. Configure autofill in iOS (according to documentation)
  3. Open any app and tap “passwords” to open autofill list
  4. Choose any of the list and cancel.
  5. Go to bitwarden and add a new credencial
  6. Open any app (it can be the same) and tap “passwords”
  7. The list will not include the credencial from step (5)

After clearing the data and history of Safari (despite not using Safari at all), the new credencial started to show in autofill list.

Very strange behavior…