Autofill problem on iOS - Keyboard doesn't show up

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I’ve got a problem with autofill on iOS for quite a time now, oftenly when I am on an app and I click on the bitwarden vault to autofill my email and password. When I arrive on the app, the keyboard doesn’t show up so I can’t type the name of the app or website…
So it means I need to find manually the name of the app (or website) I want to autofill by scrolling through my vault to do so by…

Do you know if this problem is well known and being taken care of ?
Thanks a lot!


Same issue here. I already opened an issue here:

Hope this will be fixed soon…


Thanks a lot ! We have the exact same problem, and I’m sure we are not alone. Hopefully they’ll find a solution !

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I’m having this same issue with one particular app only (a banking app). Luckily my bank’s name starts with a ‘B’ so I don’t really have to scroll that much but since I do have a huge amount of logins saved it would suck if this began to happen with a different app.

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Yup same issue…

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This is now being tracked here: Possible iOS Autofill Bug · Issue #1114 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

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