iOS autofill question

Im just setting up Bitwarden after importing all data from 1Password but having a few minor issues. When using BitWarden with iOS13 I see a password option and if I select it BitWarden is one of the options available, but if I select BitWarden I just get a searchable list of all my items. isn’t BitWarden able to make suggestions for the password associated with that login without me having to manually search for it?

It does for me. One thing is, how your URL field(s) are set up, also are you talking about logging into web pages, or apps?

It is web pages. The data was originally stored by 1Password and then imported into BitWarden.

O.K., in Settings/Passwords & Accounts/Autofill Passwords is AutoFill Passwords enabled and Bitwarden checked for Allow Filling From?

That is checked. As far as I can tell everything is set correctly. After testing on other websites the app seems to be working properly. Perhaps it was just something peculiar with that particular website? I can’t even seem to replicate the issue there now.

Thanks for your help.

When you use the iso app the passwords don’t autofill for me as well am I missing something here. I’ve been back and forth with other password programs and are just like this one Broken and need work. If short, please help me