New autofill API in iOS 12


Apple just released a new autofill API yesterday and it’s pretty great. When using Safari, you won’t have to click on the share extension and select Bitwarden, just one click on the banner with the website you have a password, authenticate yourself and you’re done.

More info here : ASWebAuthenticationSession | Apple Developer Documentation

Here is a quick video from 1Password :

I would very much love this. It’s a killer feature imo.

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We will be able to investigate this more whenever support for iOS 12 comes to Xamarin.


Agreed, this feature would be amazing as it would make Bitwarden even more convenient. A preview of Xamarin with iOS 12 support is out:

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Any new about this? I think the new Autofill feature is crucial. Any password manager without support for it will end in irrelevance. So as Bitwarden is the one and only open source password manager with high platform support it is highly needed.
Thanks for your work @kspearrin !

Support for this would be great. Even though the current mechanism is good, this would be better.

Integration with the newly available iOS API’s would be tremendously beneficial. For more info relevant to the announcement see below:

Password Manager API

Access passwords stored in third-party password managers directly from the QuickType bar in apps and in Safari (requires third-party adoption).

Apple Announcement

Had ask the same in a similar post. but for Android as well

I guess it’s now a « must have » since Lastpass, Dashlane and 1Password all provide this feature


Yes please. I think this is a must have feature now.

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This was a “must have” when the first beta of iOS 12 was released. Not because other password managers use the feature, but because it improves user experience tremendously. And when it comes to managing passwords, a seamless user experience is almost everything. As long as you have security, as well. :slight_smile:

Totally agreed. I can’t stress enough how much this feature improves overall usability.

Do we know if developers are on it and if yes when will it be available ?

Agreed with all of you, this is an incredible new feature we need on Bitwarden ! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Yes, we need this feature added to BitWarden.

1Password just released a update this week where the feature is implemented and I must say it is working great. So yes please bitwarden we need this feature…

@kspearrin said he’ll work on this :

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Officially announced and soon available ! Can’t wait ! Thanks so much.

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Any way we can get in on beta testing it?

Out now! YAY! Hit the App Store for the update!

First bit of critique - this might be a limitation of the way iOS 12 implemented the feature, but would it be possible not to show Username UNTIL Face ID/Touch ID was checked/verified? E.G. you click into a Username field, and right away the phone scans for Face ID/Touch ID and THEN shows the username?

At current, the username is displayed without any need for authentication. A privacy issues at a minimum, but also somewhat of a security issue in some circumstances.

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Closing since this is complete.

@haltdev That’s how it works in iOS. We can’t change it.