Auto fill automatically when launching from vault on iOS

Newbie here. I hoped to open my BW mobile app. Then be able to launch a url and have it auto fill, without doing more (while the BW app is open). I am using safari but am happy to change browsers. I haven’t found an answer specific to this, so I apologize if I overlooked it.

Thank you.

Hey there! There are two flavors of auto-fill on iOS, and you can read more in the Auto-fill Logins on iOS Help Center article.

  • Keyboard Auto-fill: (Recommended) Use this option to make Bitwarden auto-fill accessible in any iOS app (including web browsers) through a keyboard button.
    Browser App Extension: Use this option to make Bitwarden auto-fill accessible only in web browser apps, like Safari, through the Share menu.

Thank you for the reply! I tried the first suggestion in your link many times. I just tried the second. The same results—I must enter my master password. I’m sure I’m missing fundamental. Bill

Hi @Billnorth - I don’t think Bitwarden for iOS can do what you want, and Apple is the issue - regardless of whether you use the mobile app to fill your passwords or the browser extension, the Apple frameworks are going to prompt you to authenticate before filling a password. So, you can easily launch a web page from the URL stored in Bitwarden, but you will always be prompted for authentication before the password fills.

If you use the browser on other operating systems, it doesn’t work like this. If I recall correctly, you can launch and autofill your credentials all in one step in the browser, if configured properly. Just not in iOS.