Importing from lastpass

Hello guys, i have been trying to switch from lastpass to bitwarden but i am having a major issue.
I have followed the guide to import my lastpass info to bitwarden and all went well… The problem i have is that bitwarden wont recognize any website. it will allways say that there is no password available for this tab

Which OS? Which browser? Did you install the Bitwarden extension for that browser? Did you add matching URIs?

well i did it on linux with firefox… yes i did install the extension and its not matching any url.
i didnt add any urls because i ahve 800 passwords saved and it would take me a week.
i did what the guide says but bitwarden is not pickign up the urls i guess…

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The URL/URIs are how Bitwarden knows to recognize the site.

If they didn’t get imported, you may want to purge your vault and use your export from LP to create a Bitwarden CSV so you will know exactly what is going into your vault.

I more or less had the same task when I started with Bitwarden and I finally decided to get rid of using the same password(s) again and again. I changed them not all at once but one by one whenever I logged into an app or a website or onto a server.

The import from lastpass is a bit of a nightmare. The csv export from lastpass has embedded newlines, so it is a total mess.

If Bitwarden wants to have a serious effort at importing such data it is going to have to work on using a bit of state machine logic that differentiates between when it is in a quoted string and when it is not. Within a quoted string newlines can be collapsed to ‘\n’ and the entire string becomes a somewhat simple csv field. Commas within these quoted strings should be replaced by semicolons.

Or something like this.

It’s a nightmare if you have a ton passwords and notes, etc, in Lastpass and are trying to get to Bitwarden.

Why don’t you instead complain towards Lastpass to create decent CSV-files ?

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