Import Data encrypted csv from LastPass not working

I have an encrypted csv file from LastPass but when I try to import it into Bitwarden I get the error message: “Data is not formatted correctly. Please check your import file and try again.”

How can I securely import data from LastPass to Bitwarden?

Search Results | Bitwarden Help & Support led me to Import Data from LastPass | Bitwarden Help & Support

Have you followed the instructions there?

It is not clear what you mean by “securely import”, but my suspicion is that the encrypted .csv file is the problem. If that is the case then:

  1. security is a matter of defence in depth and encrypted exports do not help if your computer is already compromised

  2. if you want export and import to be secure then you need to look at how your computer is being operated, not at file formats

  3. what is/are the threat(s) you are guarding against?

  4. where are your temporary files stored? On a SSD is not good, on a HDD is a lot better, on a RAM drive is better still