How to request a refund

I have used bitwarden for two years now and have paid for a subscription for the same amount of time. This year my credit card expired and as a result this years bitwarden invoice didn’t go through resulting in my account no longer having access to premium features. I paid the invoice with my new credit card one week ago but my account still doesn’t have access to premium features. I tried contacting the support team but I have not gotten any response which is disappointing. Since I have not gotten what I paid for I would like a refund. Any advice on how I would go about getting a refund?

Hi @jrg1k, did you use this form to contact the support team? You can also check your membership type and billing details in the Bitwarden Web Vault.

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I tried using that form yes but I have gotten no reply. The billing section in the web vault says the invoice for the period Feb 3, 2022 – Feb 3, 2023 has been paid but I don’t have premium access.

Thanks for the details, send me a DM and I can follow up with the team.

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Have you tried logging out and back in ?

This worked before:


Also check your junk mail folder - it is possible that your reply from support went there, just like your subscription reminders, the notice of the failed automatic renewal, etc. Seems strange that none of those reached you.

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@dh024 99% this is the case. As a side note: one should create filter to avoid BW mails being delivered to spam/junk folders. Works 100%.

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