Charged for subscription renewal but no longer premium


I was successfully charged for automatic renewal on Sept 7, but Vault thinks my account is not premium. Now I’m locked out of all my TOTP accounts. Is this normal?

My subscription was automatically renewed:

But my account is not premium (can’t include a second image in this post, but I see the “Go Premium” upsell on the Subscription page when I login to the bitwarden website). Refreshing Premium on my vaults doesn’t resolve the issue.

Try logging out and then logging back in again. That will force a sync of your account, and all should be good. If not, contact Bitwarden support at Get in Touch | Bitwarden and I am certain they will take care of you.

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Unfortunately that didn’t do it. I’ve refreshed/relogged into the clients but it seems like a problem with the actual billing system because even the website is prompting me to upgrade to Premium. I’ve reached out via the contact form as you’ve suggested :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear about your troubles with this. When your issue is resolved, please post an update here with any information that tech support was able to give you about the root cause of the problem. I think that knowing what may have caused this would be of interest to many readers.