I requested cancellation 2 days before trial expiration

I cannot access my account and requested cancellation before trial expiration several days ago through your online form and also by email.

You stil billed me yesterday. This says a lot about your atrocious customer service and I will dispute the charge next monday if you do not remove the charge.

Hi @jarq and welcome to the forum!

This forum is end-user supported with light support from Bitwarden. You should contact Bitwarden directly with your billing issue:

Hi @jarq and welcome to the community,

Sorry it couldn’t be on better terms. This is simply Bitwarden’s community forums for users like you and I, with some light engagement from the Staff and team at Bitwarden.

I would highly recommend contacting support for the billing issue as well and they should be able to get this resolved, as I have seen many other users here who have had luck with getting any billing issues taken care of swiftly.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I know. I already contact them in the site and through email. No answer yet and no phone number. So I would think still good for the community to know you cannot get quick support for a product that stores your credentials!

The tone of your post is not one that was appropriate to direct at a user community, though. None of us are responsible for your woes, nor do we have any ability to remove your charge.

Yet it is not directed to the user community, it is directed towards bitwarden in case they see it. And informational for the community. I think it is obvious and implied that the community did not bill me.

Hi @jarq - I’m sorry to hear you’ve had these challenges with billing!

I’ve reached out to you privately to try to help resolve the problem.