Best way to contact bitwarden support?


What is the fastest way to contact bitwarden support regarding invoice/payment/subscription issue (after cancelled trial) ?

We tried since 24 July 2019 with the web form or direct email (at hello[] and so far we got no reply.


I don’t know what’s going on with them. I too have a paid account and received NO REPLY to a support request on 7/23/19, over a week ago. BUMMER.

Bad enough they think sending an email is the same as TALKING TO A HUMAN.

"Want to talk to a human?
[ Send Us An Email]”

We had some issues with our contact endpoints about a week ago. If you didn’t get a reply then we likely did not receive your email. I apologize. Could you try sending it again?


for my case it’s all done now.

Thanks to Aaron & 8bit Solutions LLC Staff for this amazing product.

For @AnonYmouse as i can see they have changed their email provider for Google (from memory it was mailgun before) .