No response from support in over a month


We have an Enterprise license and have been trying to get onboarded with the MSP program, but haven’t had a response from anyone at Bitwarden since we submitted an inquiry to enterprise sales at the end of April.

We received an automated response when we submitted the inquiry in April, but after hearing no response from this, we submitted another inquiry a few days later as well as directly emailing the support agent we were previously in communication with. As of today, we have only received the automated response from the end of April, and a Vacation autoresponder from the support agent we emailed. I have also confirmed that our mail filter isn’t blocking anything from Bitwarden.

Any and all assistance is extremely appreciated!

Hi Josh. Can you DM me your email address that was used for the inquiry? You should have received a confirmation email that your inquiry was received - did you get one? Our Customer Support team is eager to resolve your issue but need the email to find the account.

Thanks for the response Ryan!

Can you DM me your email address that was used for the inquiry?

I’m more than happy to DM you the email, however I don’t seem to see any option to actually send you a DM.

You should have received a confirmation email that your inquiry was received - did you get one?

We received a confirmation email from the inquiry at the end of April, but never heard anything additional after that. I believe we submitted one additional inquiry after a week or two as we hadn’t received a response, but we did not receive confirmations for the follow-up submission.

Click on the username at the top of his post, and you should see a pop-up with a blue :email: Message button, as shown below:



If that button doesn’t show up for whatever reason, try clicking the :heavy_plus_sign: icon that apears to the right when you hover your mouse over the Messages section in the left-hand navigation menu, as shown below:



This should open a new message template, where you can enter RyanL as a recipient.

Thanks for the guidance, but unfortunately it looks like neither of these are available to me. Clicking on Ryan’s name (or your own for that matter) doesn’t yield a Message button

Additionally, unless there is a less obvious left menu that I’m missing, I don’t appear to have a messages section available in the lefthand hamburger menu (my view and submenu shown below, not shown is the Categories and Tags sections)


Is there a profile setting that I may need to adjust? I’ve already looked, but it’s possible I’ve missed something.

I did not expect to see my face blown up on this page when I came to check on it. @Josh_V we think we found you and are working on getting back to you!

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Excellent! Thank you, I will give our admin a heads up!

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Not sure why you don’t have Messages in your navigation menu, but for future reference, you should also be able to get there from your profile page. What happens if you go to

What happens if you go to Profile - Josh_V - Bitwarden Community Forums?

Interestingly, this takes me to messages, but there is no option to compose a new message. Additionally if I click to a different tab, there is no (obvious) way to navigate back to messages without needing to directly navigate via the URL. Could this be at all related to being a brand new (2 hours) user account?

@grb I think my previous suspicion about the issue being related to account age is correct. I was bumped up a trust level and gained the messages item in the nav menu after a refresh.

Thank your for your additional assistance with the semi-unrelated issue though!

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