I'm having a billing issue

As noted above, I have a billing issue which is a problem with payment processing. I’ve received three emails from the company and my limited ability to investigate leads me to believe it’s on the companies side. I’ve called the only phone number I can find and it always says “No one is available, please leave a message” which I’ve done every time requesting a phone call to resolve the problem.

I haven’t received a call back. and getting more than a little frustrated by this lack of customer service.

I saw a post here, which I can’t locate now, where someone said to another user they would mention that users issue “to the team” (if I recall correctly).

I would kindly request the same courtesy, if that person recognizes their response. Please ask someone to call me at the phone number given in my voice messages.

Thank you,

Hi Scott - sorry to hear about your billing issue.

I am not aware of any phone number for billing support, so I am not surprised to hear that you did not receive a callback.

Here is the official page to contact the Bitwarden CS Team, and they are very good at getting back to folks during business hours on weekdays:

Hi @skerns, is this for an individual or teams/enterprise vault? The Bitwarden contact form is the main way to reach support, but feel free to DM the phone number you’ve been calling, along with where you got it from and I can investigate.