How to get technical help when does not work

Hi, Bitwarden
Last week (March 9th) I have send request through your web form Get in Touch | Bitwarden
No reaction.

I have send new request today. again no reaction. We are not getting any confirmation mails from Bitwarden. Spam folder is empty
We are using Enterprise version of your product.
How to get your tech help?
This customer experience is giving not so good impression of your product.

Hey there! Did you get an automated response back from the contact page to confirm receipt of email?

You can also DM me your email and I can follow up that way.

If you did not receive an automated response to the contact form, it may not have been completed.

Hi, @dwbit I have not received any automated response to the contact form. I have recieved only this on your Portal. But mails looks not reaching me

Thank you for your message!

My email address

A confirmation email has been sent. Please check your inbox or spam folder to ensure you entered the correct address!

@dwbit it is also impossible to DM you here or maybe I haven’t found the way. How can I share my email address and not share it in public?

I’ve sent you a DM, feel free to share there.