Forgotten password and getting help from Bitwarden support


I forgot my master password so i wanted to delete my account and start all over. I can’t delete my account because i am the sole owner of an organization so i asked support for help. I got a reply that i had to send a request to let them delete the organization so i could delete my account… So i sent that response but didn’t hear from support after that. I sent more mails but got no response from support, so now i have a paid account that i can’t use. Anyone knows what to do now?

Other than being patient, you could potentially set up a new Bitwarden account, and then make a separate request to Bitwarden support asking them to transfer your paid subscription from the old account to the new account. Normally, this is something you would do after account deletion, but perhaps opening a new request will either speed up resolution of your original request or potentially allow you to resume usage of your paid subscription while waiting for the original account to be deleted.

For the new Bitwarden account, you would need to use a different email address as your username. However, as soon as your original account gets deleted, you can change your username back to your original email address.

Although “waiting” is probably the best strategy, you could also create a new vault using plus-addressing for your email ([email protected]) to avoid conflicts with the old account until support completes your request.

After you get your new account set up, you might consider making an “emergency sheet” to prevent this problem from recurring.

If you do decide to rename your account back to the original, I highly recommend first creating an export of your vault and your organizational vault. There have been instances of things going wrong during that process.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try something, but i still wonder why i don’t get a reaction from support on my questions, or is it normal that it takes more than 3 days?

Did some of those three days include the weekend?

Yes, last sunday i mailed.
But, it’s a question of patience indeed. Yesterday i got a reply from support.
So things will be solved soon.