Firefox Bitwarden Browser Extension Self-Host issue

I’ve searched and see some talk over some time but nothing exactly like what I’m seeing. I self-host Bitwarden (not Vaultwarden). I was on server version 2023.1.0 and just updated to 2023.8.2. I just installed Firefox on a brand new Windows 11 machine. Clean everything. Installed the Bitwarden browser extension (which I have installed everywhere and have used for years)…

There is simply no option anywhere that I can find to point the login to my self-hosted Bitwarden server… anywhere. Again, I’ve been using Bitwarden proper for many years… I’m quite familiar with the browser extensions/login process relating to my self-hosted server. It’s nowhere to be seen.

In Chrome and Edge, under the username/email address field, there is a “Logging in to: Self-hosted/” dropdown. I see no similar implementation in the Firefox extension so I am unable to get to my vault in FF.

I just updated my KDF iterations and now I see a “region” dropdown in the FF extension!