Unable to log into browser extension

I’ve finally been able to get everything working on my self-hosted Bitwarden installation.

I’ve got my certificate working properly and the vault page is secure and I’m able to log in and create an account which I was not able to do before.

One thing I had to do was add :8443 to the URL that I received to authenticate my account.

I’m able to log into the web vault and the iOS version of the Bitwarden app.

The problem is I am not able to log into any browser extension I’ve tried. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

I’m self-hosting, does this make a difference? There doesn’t seem to be any configuration options for the extensions and as far as I can tell there do not seem to be different versions of the extension for self-hosted versions of Bitwarden.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Glen_England,

Each clients needs to be configured to work with your self-hosted instance. Instructions can be found here.

Kind regards,

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I didn’t see that option. It’s working perfectly.

Thank you!

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