Firefox plugin cannot connect to self hosted bitwarden

I’m running bitwarden on my own host, but cannot find a way to specifiy the URL in the Firefox Bitwarden plugin

Firefox 98.0.2 (64-bit) on Liunux.

Hi @poldi and welcome to the community.

The URL(s) for your self-hosted instance, will need to be set for each client and is usually done on the Login screen.

Detailed information for each client can be found here

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I saw that link, but I do not get “Settings” icon.

On the second screenshot you have the extension open. Click on cancel on the top left. This will bring you to the screen, where the settings cog wheel is present.

The Urls have to be set before a username or password is entered, as the environment urls determine where to verify the identity.


Thanks for you quick help

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