Browser extension completely broken with self-hosted vault

I have been self-hosting bitwarden for a couple years now with no problems. Using the Firefox extension to access my self-hosted vault, no problems.

Starting with version 1.55 of the Firefox extension, I can no longer login to my self-hosted vault. The latest version 1.56.6 is also broken. I get an “unexpected error” whenever I try to login to my self-hosted vault. I can login to my vault on just fine with these versions, only the self-hosted vault is broken. Version 1.54 of the extension works fine with the self-hosted vault, so I have downgraded my browser extension so I can still login and use my vault.

I have also tried the latest browser extension in chromium, also broken.

I am on the latest version of Bitwarden ( 2.26.1 ). I can login fine through the web UI. Only the latest versions of the browser extensions are broken.

This is a pretty atrocious bug. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

Hello @er0k - welcome to the community forums!

I wonder if the problem is your server instance. What version of Bitwarden Server are you running and can you describe your deployment (e.g., operating system, public-facing network vs. private network, proxy server or not, etc.)?

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As I mentioned, I’m running the latest version 2.26.1 of Bitwarden. It’s running in docker on debian on my private network. I can login fine through the web UI, and I can login fine with version 1.54 of the browser extension, so I don’t think anything is wrong with the server instance.

Sorry that I missed the version number - not sure how I overlooked it!

Is it possible that when the extension updated you lost some of your settings, such as your server URL?

EDIT: I see that you mentioned switching from the Bitwarden servers to your server instance, so I am guessing you already looked at this. I am not sure what to suggest next. Sorry - perhaps someone else has some good ideas?

You might want to reach out to the Bitwarden CS team to see if this problem has cropped up with others - perhaps they can help you troubleshoot.

Yeah, I have tested out logging into the bitwarden servers, which works fine with the newer versions of the extension. Only the self-hosted version has issues.

I’m not sure how much help CS will be, since I only use the self-hosted version and do not have a paid account.

I created a github issue over here: Can't login to self-hosted vault after version 1.55 · Issue #2410 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub Hopefully I can get some assistance from a developer.

I appreciate the suggestions, thanks.

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