Brave/chrome extension doesn't work for self-hosted bw

Bitwarden server v2.21.1
Brave/chrome extension (2022.12.0)
When tries to log in, it says “incorrect username/password”
The same server works for other browser extension / mobile app just fine.

Please help.

Your server needs updating, @yhfu. See here:

@dh024 thanks for the quick response!

Didn’t the notice say

This means that self-hosted servers running version 1.45.4 or any earlier version will not be compatible with 2022.11.0 clients.

Mine is 2.21.1, it should be fine, right?

No, that’s the version of the web vault client. What do you get if you execute this command in the terminal of your host machine:

docker ps

I see. I’m running a Rust version of bw on my docker so that my be the culprit. Let me dig a bit and get back. Thank you!

Bitwarden does not distribute a version based on Rust. You are running something not distributed nor supported by Bitwarden. I encourage you to contact the vendor of your software for support, if any exists.

Closing this thread as it is not related to Bitwarden software.