Brave/chrome extension (2022.12.0) + self hosted: not working

Brave : 1.46.144 (last one)
Extension : last
Personal server working since years…

Can’t login to vault (login / password incorrect).
Uninstalled + reinstalled : same problem

Is working fine with Edge…

Any idea please ?

Add: idem with last version of Chrome
Add : version 2022.10.1 working fine

Could it be the same problem as in this post?

Same problem yes… but using last extension version.

It is hard to say what the issue could be without more info then. What do you see when you execute this command in the terminal on your server?

docker ps

i’m just an extension user… no docker here.

Then why did you say this? And your title says “self hosted”. I am confused

I’m not a technician…
Hosted on a VM without Docker.
Vault is running (working with Edge extension 2022.12.0 and working with all extensions 2022.11).
It’s seems the problem is specific to 2022.12.0.

You can’t run Bitwarden Server without Docker. I think your problem is that you are trying to use Bitwarden clients with a non-Bitwarden server, right? You should seek support from the vendor of the software you are running instead, if any exists.

Closing this thread as the problem is obviously not related to Bitwarden software.