Can't login to self-hosted Bitwarden 2.18.1

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Since Bitwarden Desktop 2022.11.0, i can’t login to my self-hosted bitwarden 2.18.1. yes yes i know i should update my bitwarden instance.
i can login to Bitwarden cloud whithout any problem but with my self-hosted instance, it gives me error “Wrong Password” and there is a wrong password event in my bitwarden log but i copy and paste password and i’m Definitely sure that is a correct password and i can login with this exact password from web access.
is there any deprecation policy about bitwarden? that i can’t access my instances from Desktop app any more?

Hello @kourosh - welcome to the community!

That release you are running is almost 2 years old and is now deprecated. You must update it if you want to continue using the latest Bitwarden clients. See here:

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