Can no longer login using the bitwarden extension on Chrome

Hello, I have been using bitwarden for years, I host bitwarden on my raspberry Pi in Portainer as mentioned without error for quite a few years now. I use a domain name to connect to bitwarden from anywhere and have my username and password set and working on the android app, I can login to my url on chrome address bar with the same user / pass but ever since I wiped my Windows laptop I can no longer login using the chrome extension, I get an error has occured, username / password are incorrect… Does anyone else get this error latley. I have also tried on firefox and I get the same. How is it that I can login with user details in one instance but not in another… exactly the same user and password ? I am baffled to say the least.


Exact same issue here. Self hosted. Worked fine for multiple years. Can log in to web portal with same credentials but logging into Chrome extension, with server URL set to same URL as web portal, fails.

Not just me then, there must be a bug or a version mismatch… do you know how to update the extension at all? 'I cant find where the setting is.

In Chrome, go to “Manage Extensions”, enable “Developer mode”, and then click “Update”.

More to the point, which version of Bitwarden Server are you running? Current browser extension clients (2022.11.0 or later) are not compatible with Bitwarden Server version 1.45.4 and earlier.

You are encountering issues because you are running a third-party server software (Vaultwarden) that is not guaranteed to be compatible with Bitwarden products. Your best bet is to turn to the Vaultwarden community for support: