Cannot login in Chrome Extension


I have the same issue like in Topic: Problem with Chrome Plugin
I use version:

I am a beginner and would really be grateful for some help.

Not sure if it is of any help, but I think you might be using an older version of the extension, I installed my chrome extension yesterday, and as you can see below, the version is 2023.2.0, maybe compare the details of you version in the chrome extension manager.

I use the same version of the extension

Are you able to login to the web vault without issue? Can you take a screenshot of the web vault login page so I can see the version there?

Yes i am able to login to the web vault.
its the screenshot in my first post

Can you update your server version to the latest version to see if that resolves not being able to login to the extension. I think your server is at least 2 years outdated. There has been a ton of updates since then.

Hi @Nicolas_Zimmermann and welcome to the community :tada:

you are not running an official version of the Bitwarden Server. There is no 2.19.0 server release (Releases · bitwarden/server · GitHub).

You are likely running bitwarden_rs/Vaultwarden or some other 3rd party server.

Please check with them for support in upgrading or look into switching to the Bitwarden standard or unified deployment

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Isn’t the screenshot the web vault version which is different than the server version?

Yes, you were right it was an Bitwarden_rs version.
I have installd the standard version.
Its working again.

Thanks for all your replys!
Regards Nicolas

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@Gerardv514 Apologies, that is true. It might be the case that this is an offical self-hosted web-vault. It would still be a quite old one (Release Version 2.19.0 · bitwarden/web · GitHub).

Nicolas just confirmed my suspicion though.

@Nicolas_Zimmermann Happy to hear you got it solved and all is working again.

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@djsmith85 thank you very much for the info. I was under the suspicion it was Vaultwarden too, hence why I asked to see the web vault login page to see if it had the “powered by Vaultwarden” verbiage. Seems like this version was way before that dev made those changes.

Have a good day all!

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@Gerardv514 For future reference, when asking for a self-hosted user’s server version, it can be helpful to explicitly direct them to the instructions available here: