Duplicate removal tool/report (including merge)

Hello there,
I just noticed something, when you import from differed sources, e.g. Chrome, Vivaldi, etc.
You are bound to have doublicates. It would be a great help if bitwarden would check if the entry is a double.


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I’m a new user and have imported logins from several browsers and my old password manager. My vault now contains a ton of duplicate entries. It would be great to have a way to show these duplicate entries and choose one to keep (by hand or by “most recent”), rather than having to go through each manually.


Hm! This would be useful to spot reused passwords too. My idea for this would be to allow us to search for duplicates with 2 main options:

  • check by password
  • check by domain (utilising newly added Equivalent Domains functionality)

Show results.

Difficult part in my eyes is allowing users to easily deal with duplicates. Lastpass was meh, I just amended each entry manually and rerun security check over and over again… In order to deal with duplicates I would like to see:

  • Link to open website and ideally somehow use credentials from entry I just clicked. This will help me quickly go through old credentials and find ones that are no longer valid
  • Quick multiselect, ideally by drawing rectangles with my mouse (not on mobile), so I don’t have to click every. single. checkbox. Also: select all, so I can select all and deselect one duplicate that stays.
  • Mass delete
  • Only valid when password is a duplicate, select 2 or more items and merge them. Items merged should have unique URI added/moved to merged entry. I have concerns about this one, it could be a bit problematic because username might be different, and could cause problems with notes, custom fields etc. But my brain likes the idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Sorting as @JeremyForTheWin mentioned, most recent, but also alphabetically.
  • Show enough amount of data to make meaningful decision quickly (it’s fluff and UX, but important thing to consider, this is what Lastpass did wrong with their security check, IMO).

Is this feature request abandoned\discarded?


Found an entry similar to mine:

I hope not, its sorely needed.


+1 for this one, I have almost 2000 entries, many of which are duplicates.


I would definitely go premium for my business in case this feature is implemented. It’s really painful to import data.


This is a highly anticipated feature, once implemented this will rule the password manager industry. Any way just started using this product and just love it.


I had the same duplication problem when importing logins from multiple other password managers and database versions, I solved it using KeePass 2 desktop app, I used the synchronize option to import only the new logins from my 2 KeePass database files and then I used the regular CSV import option to import all my LastPass logins, this action created a lot of duplicates. Thankfully KeePass 2 desktop app has a Delete Duplicate entries option user Tools->Database Tools->Delete Duplicate Entries. Once all the duplicates were removed, I exported this final merged database in a CSV format and imported that into Bitwarden. I also would prefer if Bitwarden had it’s own de-duplication option, but for now this is a workaround I found.


I exported my data from bitwarden into csv but how do I clear Bitwarden to be empty so that when I import, there aren’t duplicates again?

There’s a option to delete all the entries in Bitwarden settings.

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don’t see that in the Mac app… Am I missing something?

Edit: see it in web vault. I feel like all the clients are different…

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I just noticed I have duplicate entries. +1 more for a removal tool.

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+1 for a way to remove duplicates

This is a serious need. I have used Bitwarden for a while before, moved away when they threatened to stop making Safari add-on. Thought I’d try coming back and import my passwords from current provider which obviously has all my old bitwarden list and more. Now it’s duplicated loads.

Will now need to delete everything in my account, and re-import again. Be nice if there was just an option to identify duplicates, and remove one of the copies.

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+1 I definitely want this tool

+1 I exported / emptied my Chrome password vault / imported them to BW (after having already imported my Keepass list) and ended up with some duplicate email accounts.

I got rid of the dupes searching for the domain names i.e. “google.com” etc…

…but this was a small scale undertaking.

When I first starting using BW I tried importing my old Keepass file directly , then decided I wanted to try importing those entries into a “Keepass” folder … didnt work. I ended up just deleting everything n starting over.

Any update on this?

+1 too, deduplication of folders,
and removing empty folders (thanks lastpass for importing these empty folders) would be really great!