Same credentials added in 2 collections

Spot credentials existing in multiple collections.

This suggestion has some similarity with Duplicate removal tool/report
But is inherently different.

Here’s the story: we have different teams who in the past shared some credentials to an information portal. With BW, they are placed in different groups (having different collections). Now it appears that a user from each group added the login credentials to their collection. So the same credential (URL, username, password) exist in 2 collections. It would be nice if this could be spotted and notified to BW admin so he can merge these accounts and add the single one to both collections.

You can do it a search for the URI or using the advanced search, search by hostname. Would that work?

Thanks for your feedback Joshua. The issue is not finding the second instance of a known double… it’s about avoiding that multiple people add the same credential in different places.

I’ve voted for it, as being able to script rules on what can’t be done would be a mighty competitive feature. But until then, that can be a workaround. Could automate it, but that might not be acceptable.